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They have been friends for many years and Stephen takes consolation in this.

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Gradgrind is shocked, and he finally realizes how much he messed up his kids. With the unspoken aid of Mrs. But, obviously Gradgrind thinks everything is fine — because since when do robots care about that kind of thing?

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He advises Cecilia to refer to her father as a "farrier" the person who shoes a horse or perhaps, a "veterinary surgeon. Bounderby's factory workers, also called "Hands," do not live happy lives under his rule.

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Harthouse as a sort of specimen of the lower classes. Gradgrind is at first hesitant but he soon agrees with Bounderby that Cecilia must be removed from the school so that she might not infect the other students with her ideas. Bounderby, who learned of the almost-elopement through Mrs. Bounderby, and Sissy stays back with Mr. When her father asks her what she intends to do, Louisa turns the question back to him and asks him what he thinks she ought to do. Tom is the only person she cares for and, knowing this, Tom wheedles her into the marriage. One factory worker by the name of Stephen Blackpool is daily worn out by his work at the factory, but what plagues him more is his unhappy marriage, for his wife has become a hideous drunk. Thanks to Sissy's care and actions Sissy persuades Mr. Sissy and Rachael find him there, and the men of the surrounding village manage to rescue him, but he dies shortly after being retrieved from the pit, holding Rachael's hand and peacefully gazing at the stars. His, Louisa's, and Mr. Bounderby, Louisa, Mr. Bounderby brings her back to Coketown and he carries her along with him to Stone Lodge, where he intends to confront Mr. Gradgrind gives her a choice to make on the spot: either she can stay with the Sleary performing group, remain in Pegasus's Arms and never return to his school, or she can leave Sleary's company, live with the Gradgrinds and attend school. He refuses to view his factory workers as human, referring to them as Hands, or little more than cogs in a machine. Pegler is a potential witness.

Sparsit and sends her away to her hostile relatives. Sparsit, hidden behind the shrubs, gloats to herself that the two young people have no idea that they are being watched.

Tom hides as a clown in the same circus where Sissy's father used to work. Gradgrind is a man of "facts and calculations.

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After a little alcohol and some tobacco, Tom is loose-lipped and uninhibited in his criticism of Mr. Pegler is a potential witness. She collapses to the floor, and Gradgrind, struck dumb with self-reproach, begins to realize the imperfections in his philosophy of rational self-interest. He is cast out by the other Hands and fired by Bounderby when he refuses to spy on them. Bounderby, Louisa, Mr. Sissy Jupe is present and she is, perhaps, the only one who is able to sense the difference in Louisa. Without realizing it, Tom is laying the seeds for a potential affair between Harthouse and his sister. Bounderby's factory workers, also called "Hands," do not live happy lives under his rule. Gradgrind is shocked, and he finally realizes how much he messed up his kids. The kids are forbidden to be creative or imaginative or to have too many feelings. Soon after that, the bank is robbed, and as a result of his suspicious activity, Stephen is the main suspect.

Meanwhile, in Bounderby's factory, a worker named Stephen Blackpool is the world's most decent man and he leads a pretty sad life.

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