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At the first opportunity Sonny leaves the mill and takes a job in a service station. And after a few charged encounters with a union organizer from New York City , Reuben Warshowsky, Norma Rae listens to him deliver a speech that spurs her to join the effort to unionize her shop. Salvation is not an abstract concept — it's a three-year contract. Don FergusonJail Matron. The local minister refuses to let Norma Rae use his church for an interracial union meeting. Sally FieldSonny. This causes conflict at home when Sonny observes she's not spending enough time in the home and is frequently exhausted when she is present. Despite the unfortunate way it was sold to the public, the film is really solid as a union story. When she attempts to transcribe the flier, management attempts to stop her, then fire her on grounds of creating a disturbance, and call the police to remove her from the plant. Gail StricklandWayne Billings. Her mother, on the edge of deafness because of the noise in the weaving room where she works, is apathetic.

It makes no sense, almost as if they airbrushed out the union sign. After a tense exchange with Reuben, Sonny asks her if they have been intimate; she says no, but acknowledges "he's in my head. Gregory WalcottLeroy Mason.

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Instead, she is demoted back to the line. Indeed, at the real J. But Reuben does have some good moments.

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There are plenty of fantastic scenes inside an actual textile mill, the Opelika Manufacturing Corp. Organizing in Norma Rae How does the film understand unions, and how well does it show the union organizing process?

Management commits numerous unfair labor practices, such as surveilling workers as they take union flyers, making union postings harder to see on the company bulletin boards, speeding up the work in retaliation, and harassing and eventually firing Norma Rae.

Moreover, the depiction of black and white workers organizing together is great, though the film really should have had a well-developed black character.

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George RobertsonJustice of the Peace. I saw it more than twenty years ago, before I knew much about unions. In such times faith can flourish. Clayton LandeyBilly Stettin. For union members, labor enthusiasts and political leftists, Norma Rae holds up fairly well after forty years. Another scene that I loved is at the very end where they are dramatically counting the NLRB union election ballots. Sandra DorseyAgent.

Barara BaxleyBonnie Mae. This week: The crowd-pleasing Pride has us thinking back on other movies about the labor movement.

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Billie Joyce BuckAlston Purvis. Republished from. Mary MundayJ. Stevens plant, it took several more years of fighting, including a pioneering corporate campaign, to get a contract. Eventually the room becomes totally quiet. Seven years after her impromptu protest which, by all accounts, is re-created faithfully in the film , management at the J. Norma Rae. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Way too soon dude! You understand me? Sally FieldSonny. When her father drops dead at the mill of a heart attack , a death that could have been averted had he been allowed to leave his post early instead of wait for his allotted break, she is more determined to continue the fight. One by one, the other workers stop their mill machines, and eventually, the entire room becomes silent. Ravetch , his screenwriters, understand and fervently evoke in their often stirring new film, "Norma Rae. When Norma Rae tries to write down the text of that racist letter at work, she is called into the management office and fired.
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Norma Rae Is Still a Classic