A short analysis of fefu and her friends a play by maria irene fornes

What makes you cringe?

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As such, what magical feminism does through its absolute literalisation of the word making metaphor real in other wordsdefamiliarisation and employment of meta-theatricality, is to draw pain to the surface of reality. The lights fade.

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Paula tells Cecilia that she has been examining herself since they were together and is disappointed that she hasn't made more of her life. Theatre, as Emma knows so well, is life, or at least an indispensable instrument in trying to understand and represent reality. Fefu is quite the opposite. Paula remembers when she was new to the faculty and thought that everyone who was rich was happy. She is helpful: making lunch, serving food and coffee, and washing dishes. In the first scene, the women arrive and are introduced. Paula stands her ground and tells Cecilia she is not available to be called at just any time. Julia may in fact be epileptic and her seizures were brought on by the bang of the hunter's gun rather than a blow to the head. At the same time, the reunion of these women on the basis of their ongoing commitment to education may suggest a fundamental concern on Fornes's part with representing characters engaged in the project of researching alternative modes of response to the knowledge articulated by the hysteric Julia as "the mind of the play.

Before and after their rehearsal, the women interact with one another, and with male characters, and share their thoughts and feelings about life along with their personal struggles and societal concerns. Paula says no and Sue leaves to take soup to Julia.

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I feel something is happening that is very profound and very important. I didn't hurt her. One question that critics pose about Fefu and Her Friends is: Is this a feminist play, an anti-feminist play, or just a play that happens to have an all-female cast?

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We might also wonder, of course, whether Fefu's prophylactic activity is not meant as a guard against another kind of bodily re production, as well.

Magical feminism permits the rendering of the empirically impossible, possible. She blanks out and that is caused by the blow on the head.

Phillip has asserted his dominance in their relationship; he is the one in control.

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It is revealed that Julia can walk when she chooses to. That is why we take pleasure in seeing things. When looking at a figurative or representational painting, we are not as aware of the abstract elements of composition which must be [present] in order for the painting to be good. Cindy sits nearby reading a magazine. This invalidation of her posture of male-identification makes being around women a dangerous situation for Fefu. In this respect, Fefu and Her Friends posits postmodern feminist theatre practice as a constructive response to the psychic dilemmas of the play's female characters. To Emma's offer to stage a dance for her and we know from Julia's monologue where dancing got Isadora Duncan , Julia happily replies, "I'm game. At the end of the play, the tension is resolved by Julia's death—another mysterious hunting accident. Musicals like A Chorus Line are very popular. So I had parts of it already.

The theatricality, the very fiction of the world that characters inhabit, is constantly brought to light in Fefu and her Friends.

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Fefu and Her Friends