A study on male perception on women with tongue piercing

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Not long after the same female that I was walking with came with a tongue piercing in her mouth. Despite the stigma that is attached to tongue piercing, it has grown tremendously over the years and still is in the process of increasing.

Three of the other non- tongue piercers made no mention of female tongue piercers having a low self-esteem.

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Studies done by many health care professionals including Zeibolz found that tongue piercing could result in bad breath, gingivitis, gap teeth, chip tooth and other oral diseases and infections. Think of the scenario of lads on holiday all getting the same tattoo for the experience. The convenience sample was the least vigorous sample used and it involved the selection of the most accessible subjects. Please let us know in the comments section. For us church was a must. Amanda states I ensure that my tongue is brush properly at least twice per day. Having hair styled, putting on make up, cosmetic surgery and ludicrously expensive shoes. Each respondent expressed different sentiments about body piercing overall, and more closely tongue piercing. My sister on several occasions tells me that I have no morals because I have a tongue ring. Drews, Allison, and Probst found that females and males with piercings tended to rate themselves as more adventurous, creative, individualistic, and attractive than those without piercings. However when mention was made about tongue and vaginal piercings, most males tend to perceive them in a negative light.

This simply shows that she felt bad that I found another girl with a tongue piercing attractive so maybe she feels that if she has a tongue piercings other guys including myself would find her attractive also. She states that persons would normally curse her and say bad things about her teeth and this made her feel bad so she got the tongue piercing to change all of this.

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The audio samples were blindly rated by 26 female and 20 male laypersons and by 5 female speech-language pathologists with regard to perceived speech quality along 5 dimensions: speech clarity, speech rate, prosody, rhythm and fluency. Another female states that she developed her own views about female body piercers because of her family background.

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One tongue piercing female outlines that: During the time that I got my tongue pierced, I was going through a rather rough time at home.

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Psychology of Tattoos, Body Piercings and Sexual Activity