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You have a single option: Place all the necessary tags and code manually — which takes time. Although the AMPs themselves may load quickly, any external content on the page is likely to lag behind, This is a big problem when it comes to hosting advertisements, Visitors are likely to scroll past an ad before it has loaded, killing any chance at conversion.

Google claims to be in the process of addressing this problem, but until it does, publishers need to take this variable into account.

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Whatever you decide, you can get some benefits out of your website. AMPs may load with lightning speed, but the lack of design capabilities and interactive features often discourage visitors from actively engaging with the content. Make sure that you have a good understanding of coding because trying to create that second website without it can be a little more complicated and will take a lot more time and effort for you to learn what you need and work from there. These are no easy questions, but you should definitely consider detailed answers to them. Building pages to a mobile standard would help your website rank better in Google SERPs that are governed by mobile-readiness, Getting pages to load within five seconds seems to have the most positive impact on user engagement and conversion, which is especially handy if you run an e-commerce website or a site that makes most of its revenue from ads. Increased Visitor Engagement The evidence is beginning to show that visitors are more likely to engage with the content on AMPs compared to traditional mobile pages. As a result, it's difficult to determine the amount of any one factor's true impact on the objective. Discover what digital marketers think are the advantages and disadvantages of AMPs; use our pros and cons list as a jumping-off point, then make your own to decide if you want to pursue a transformation to AMPs. After all, Google is creating this program, and they want people to use it. If your load times are perfect which, according to HubSpot, is less than 1. The highlight feature of Google AMP is its ability to speed up the loading time of the websites even in slower connections, Web pages which are Google AMP-enabled consume only fewer data, As the websites which are enabled by AMP load faster, AMP will help the site to be improved in the search engine results. Wait until AMP becomes a ranking signal. Never forget about the people who are going to be using your website from their mobile device. In March , Google began to roll out its mobile-first indexing features following testing and experimentation since

Talk to us to learn more! The minimalist design of AMPs makes it easier for visitors to navigate through the content on your page.

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This means that AMPs load incredibly fast compared to traditional mobile pages. Content can even be different from one version to the next, which is something to take notice of and be careful about. Website owners, webmasters, and digital marketers need to cut through the hype and decide if their sites actually need to start tackling Google AMP Project.

Advantages amp disadvantages of using the

If your load times are perfect which, according to HubSpot, is less than 1.

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