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When he pulls her inappropriately close, thrusting at her in a vulgar way, she slaps his face. May their kind increase. Minou: English voiceover She says that Minerva was so beautiful and so intelligent that her mother and her father were afraid to let her go to the university or to places because they don't want that Trujillo could see her and be interested in her.

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In lying for Minerva, Maria Teresa becomes involved in her older sister's revolutionary activities indirectly. She is worried about Minerva, who is speaking out against the government. She accidentally discovers Carmen , the woman with whom her father has been having an affair, and her four half-sisters. On July 3, Maria Teresa graduates from Inmaculada Concepcion, and in September, she joins Minerva at the university in the capital, and they are roommates. A helpless shrug? Colon Zayas. Minerva and her friends are chosen to give a recitation performance for Trujillo at the centennial celebration, but it ends disastrously when Sinita breaks from the script and walks toward Trujillo's chair, taking aim at him. Minerva and Manolo visit from Monte Cristi every week; they meet on Patria and Pedrito's land with many other revolutionaries. Copy to Clipboard. She is about to ask the priest for advice, but when she realizes that Padre de Jesus is "one of them," she becomes afraid he will convince her to join the revolution, so she flees. Friedman: As she writes this novel it seems that what she's trying to do is to get behind and beyond the image of these saintly martyrs to use fiction in order to—to humanize them, to explore their childhoods, to write about their sibling rivalries, their petty hopes and fears. The story is only possible because of her advocacy.

Dede tells herself it is to protect Minerva, but it is clearly also borne of jealousy that her sister might get involved in such a daring adventure with Lio. Stavans: Think to yourself, what if one of your siblings had been the Mirabals.

Reed: When Minerva and Mate are inevitably arrested, Mate manages to keep a diary in prison.

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Dede has been trapped by her own fear, and the telegram gives her a bit of short-lived hope. When they arrive at the party, "there is a strong breeze, announcing rain. Adriana Sananes reads from In the Time of the Butterflies Minou Tavarez-Mirabal: English interpretation Sometimes I wonder how we could survive in such a time and in such an ambience of terror and lack of freedom.

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So do other men, and there is rivalry between Minerva and Dede over an intense, bespectacled young scholar--and secret revolutionary--named Lio, whose memory haunts Dede to this day.

Reed: The daughter of Cuban exiles, Ana Menendez is a novelist and journalist. She slaps him, and the Mirabals leave.

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That was their code name in the underground opposition to dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, and on Nov. She held my hands and said, Then do what you think is right, Mate In terms of the truth councils that happened later in the murders and what they confessed to was that each one was taken out of the car, clubbed to death and then they were put back in the car, as was the driver, Rufino, and they were driven up to the side of the mountain, and the car was hurled over the side to—to make it look like a car accident. Thus, perhaps the rabbit demonstrates some wisdom in choosing to remain entrapped and safe from harm. Her sisters come to ask her to join their revolutionary cell, and Dede silently decides to leave Jaimito. And his hometown region Trujillo Province. Manolo and Minerva have explained everything. Junot Diaz: I feel like the novel did more for understanding the Mirabal sisters than any historical document that I have come across. Original guitar music composed and performed by Jorge F. For instance, we learn in Maria Teresa's report about the speech at Salcedo Civic Hall that Minerva has gained permission to attend law school.
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In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez Plot Summary