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The United States of America are negotiating with Spain respecting the free navigation of the Mississippi1, and the territorial limits of this large river, in conformity with the treaty of peace, with England dated thirtieth November, They organized public protests against Jay and his treaty; one of their rallying cries said: Damn John Jay!

As the brilliant successes of the French Republic have forced England to grant us what was in all justice our due, so the continuation of the prosperity of the Republic, will force Spain to make a treaty with us on the points in controversy.

They have only to declare they will not make peace, or that they will support with all their might, the just reclamations of their allies against these Powers-against England for the surrender of the frontier posts, and for the indemnities due through their depredations on our trade, and against Spain for our territorial limits, and the free navigation of the Mississippi.

The Federalist Partyled by Hamilton, supported the treaty.

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It was there in Paris, early inthat he penned these observations on Jay's Treaty with Great Britain. American merchants obtained limited rights to trade in the British West Indies. There are nineteen-twentieths of our nation attached through inclination and gratitude to France, and the small number who seek uselessly all sorts of pretexts to magnify these small occasions of complaint which might have subsisted previously will find itself reduced to silence, or have to join their expressions of gratitude to ours.

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Those who understand the particular articles of it, condemn these articles.

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Observations on Jay's Treaty