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Abiy is "moving in the right direction, but the security situation is still far from sorted," she added.

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Add to this the growing number of middle income and unmarried people living in apartments and condominiums without any servants and you have a simple business that is very profitable. The World Economic Forum WEF identified burdensome customs administrative procedures, the high cost of logistics, and access to credit and foreign exchange as major challenges to small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in Ethiopia.

Start up cost is relatively low, with most machines being made in China and running the business requires only period checkups and maintenance. Also, there have been reported issues of lack of transparency and fairness in the tender evaluation process.

Their business is expanding rapidly and they have now opened a second branch in the exclusive Bole Medhanialem, with plans to open other stores throughout the city.

Advertising Agency Advertising Agencies in Ethiopia are experiencing a huge increase in the prices that companies are offering them.

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From the 3 million cubic meters of trash, only about 1 million is collected by Addis Ababa's Cleaning Management Agency with their trucks, leaving the business wide open for a public-private partnership to collect the remaining 2 million cubic meters of garbage. One research conducted in the UK states that people have spent over 1,,, Pounds in the past three years alone. The Ethiopia Investment Commission cites leather goods, textiles, horticulture and industrial parks as areas of strategic investment and promotes incentive packages on its website. Although most financial information in the private security service business is not revealed, estimates range from a 4-man well-armed and well-trained team protection costing about 40, ETB or 1, USD to , ETB or 15, USD making it a very profitable venture. Take these statistics and consider how with the explosion of smart phone users in Ethiopia will provide a huge and extremely lucrative business opportunity. This leaves a gap in the supply and demand of solar panels. Longstanding tension had bubbled up between ethnic groups in the country, and the new restrictions were intended to quell civil unrest by, for example, prohibiting the distribution of politically sensitive material or unauthorized demonstrations. GOE invests heavily in large social and economic infrastructure projects, including power generation, industrial zones and parks, housing construction, water and irrigation, roads and railways, airports and dry ports, telecommunication and internet networks, as well as fertilizer factories. As enshrined in its long-term strategy Agenda , the AU has the mandate to pursue continental integration as one of its top priorities. Instead of recording and selling entire albums, artists are now just releasing singles, one at a time and monetizing the videos online, dependent on the number of views per video. The business climate is undergoing significant changes with significant policy reforms implemented under the new leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. They provide 8 types of cakes for about 8 ETB or. Example: The owner of Clean Way Plc. The agriculture sector has historically been the engine of the Ethiopian economy, but it has recently given way to the service sector.

This has fueled the popularity and boom of pastries and bakeries, as more and more entrepreneurs start baking with their own signature ingredients. Example: The owner of Clean Way Plc. Today, Ethiopia has hundreds if not thousands of new buildings both residential and commercial.

Salt is bought in bulk from the major producers in Afar and it is ground and packaged with simple equipment. Consulting business are hired or contracted to offer solutions to problems organizations face.

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The large number of foreigners and foreign workers, especially in Addis Ababa, need a place where they can socialize, relax, and even hold meetings after a long day at the office. Example: The owner of Clean Way Plc. This would open up the opportunity for people to invest in this business. Jenny Vaughan AFP Getty Images But, with Chinese investment potentially becoming less of a presence in Ethiopia, "this presents an opening for Western investors who have generally stayed back in the last two to three years, and I think the political news will complement that. Please refer to the following table of US -Ethiopia bilateral trade figures. The AU is currently undergoing organizational restructuring, opening up multiple opportunities for U. Unlike in other countries around the world, especially in the developed world, the provision of furniture, walls, and floors cleaning service is not common in Ethiopia. Car decoration businesses offer many services such as installing mud flaps, tinting windows, bumper guards, gas tank covers, body polish, car alarms, etc. Ethiopia - Business Travel Ethiopia - Market OverviewEthiopia - Market Overview Discusses key economic indicators and trade statistics, which countries are dominant in the market, the U. The business climate is undergoing significant changes with significant policy reforms implemented under the new leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.
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