Analysis of the experiment investigating the movement of water into and out of plant cells by osmosi

Osmosis experiment with potato and sugar solution

Water molecules would still flow into and out of the dialysis tube through the membrane, but since there is equal tension, the movement is more random and not quite so directional. What did you record in the chart you made during the lab? I predict that the mass will change according to the strength of the solution, as the strength of the solution increases the potatoes mass will decrease Repeat the whole process with Chinese radish chips. Observe and describe what happened. Quantitative data would include the initial and final percent concentrations of the glucose, therefore showing the concentration of water by the change of percent in glucose. In this experiment the semi-permeable membrane is the cell surface membrane. A dialysis bag is filled with distilled water and then placed in a sucrose solution. Water and glucose moved out because water is small enough to pass through the membrane and the glucose tested positive with the Testape inside the beaker. Osmosis is known as the movement of water in and out of a cell. Describe the appearance of the onion cells after the NaCl was added.

They are based upon a similar experiment's results that were obtained prior to this experiment. Results Tables and Graphs These are the results obtained from the experiment.

As a result all 2m and 4cm chips will vary in density. Draw arrows from the beaker to the dialysis tube to show the flow of water. A concentration of sucrose solution with 0.

potato osmosis experiment results

Calculate the percent change of mass, showing your calculations in the space below. Place the chips below first pair.

What happens to a potato in salt water

Place first pair into first test tube 0. Many membranes allow all or none of the constituents of a solution to pass through; only a few allow a selective flow. Repeat 4 more times. The fluid in the dialysis tube is hypertonic compared to the fluid in the beaker. The term for the diffusion of water across a membrane from a higher concentration of water to a lower concentration of water is osmosis. Weigh chips and note results. Make sure you tare the balance reset to 0 before weighing. Glucose and water left the bag, the evidence was the Testape color.

Which would have the higher water potential? The environment became hypertonic to the cell and the water left the cell running with its concentration gradient due to the NaCl.

potato osmosis experiment method

Repeat for whole of row 1.

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Movement across cell membranes