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Will the Germans try to flood the city endangering the lives of everyone there Anne is also in need of a confidant so she chooses Peter Van Daan to be that person.

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In they moved to Netherlands where her father got a job. How could Hitler, a homicidal maniac, become the ruler of a country whose civilization had produced some of the world's greatest thinkers, writers, composers, and statesmen? Anne worries that she talks too much, but he likes her cheerfulness.

She also complains that the grown-ups criticize her. Anne chronicles a day in the Secret Annexe, describing many of the activities and personalities of the people in the Annexe. He regarded them as being responsible for all the movements which the Nazis opposed, communism, pacifism, internationalism, and Christianity, as well as being a threat to "German racial purity.

This diary shows the isolation of those living in the "Secret Annex". This brings joy to those living in Holland and the world. The little diagram of the office building and "Secret Annex" in the Thursday, July 9, entry gives us the layout.

Her diary describes a struggle to define herself within this climate of oppression.

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