Assagiolis psychosynthesis

Its reality is revealed by its manifestations, which usually occur only on exceptional occasions, but which are so vivid, potent and of such a different quality that they bear a sure proof of their higher origin.

This in no way cancels the reality of the levels, but we need to be careful with the interpretation of them. Assagioli recognized a need for a more inclusive concept of humanity and a system which he called Psychosynthesis that would help humans come together within themselves as well as with each other and their world.

In order to create a clear focus throughout this article, let me start with an outline of the essential conclusions from my research. It is my hope this simplicity will emerge in the course of the following chapters.

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When we discover the self as the observer, we have the opportunity to evaluate our actions. At the same time, we want to experience this Self as fully as possible in the world of everyday existence — we want to be fully present in our personal and social lives.

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Personal crises and difficulties and the inevitable resonance with past wounding will often spark a desire to explore the psychological and relational worlds more deeply and with greater purpose. Will and Choice: A Comeback As this process goes on, we gain freedom of choice, the power of decision over our actions, and the ability to direct many of our personality functions.

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First, the self-identification exercise eased anxiety, an aspect of culture shock. By rising towards and eventually contacting and merging partially with the Self. According to Firman, there had been a pressure in this community to exhibit all of the qualities of the Higher Self, and if someone failed to live up to this high standard, for example by being depressed, then that person would be considered a failure. It has a unique purpose: to manifest the universal consciousness through a concrete physical expression. Instead of the depth psychological perspective, he shifts to a height psychological approach and introduces a stage model where the self is developing through a series of psychological stages or levels ranging from body, mind, soul to Spirit. Psychosynthesis Star Diagram formulated by Roberto Assagioli "I" is the direct "reflection" or "projection" of Self Assagioli and the essential being of the person, distinct but not separate from all contents of experience. Psychosynthesis meets all the criteria characterising the Integral Model of the American thinker Ken Wilber, which he defines in relation to his ideas on Integral Spirituality. This realm is also the source of our higher emotions such unconditional love and higher intelligences. For example, when we take on a new challenge, we may find that we react with both excitement and fear.

Assagioli 11 acknowledges the many sources that have inspired his own writings and outlines the many contributions from especially Western psychology in his first book Psychosynthesis. If the aim of this book is too be clear, the question of the metaphysics of Psychosynthesis must be addressed.

Experiencing the self as pure self-awareness usually does not happen spontaneously.

Assagiolis psychosynthesis

The self — The Way to Presence Assagioli describes the self in different ways. The Act of Will. Consequently we do not recognise who we really are. It is, in other words, not a new and different light but a projection of its luminous source". This model will be helpful in relating the seven Core Concepts to the human psycho-spiritual structure and its development. It aims at developing a liberated, vibrant and spontaneous ability to actualise all our creative resources. Figure 3. But this takes hard-earned psychological development. This map is a gift in that it gives a hint of the wholeness and richness of the human being — and of the certainty that growth is possible. Yet it is founded on certain basic assumptions and these are my starting point. But the immanence of Spirit is only a pale reflection of the original spiritual source and when it steps down into matter, which is the densest, lowest, least conscious form of Spirit, it is almost not recognisable Wilber, In this section. Humanity is the first species on this planet to have become conscious of the evolutionary process. Whether student or sage, we all can enhance our development, live a more centered life, have freer use of will, and enjoy a greater sense of mutual responsibility and caring.

What we identify with in the world of personality is like a drop of water in an ocean of endless possibilities and resources.

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