Bureaucratic vs organic

The organizational structure is designed both from mechanistic as well as humanistic point of view and the structure depends upon the extent to which it is rigid or flexible. The unbiased approach predictably leads to optimal efficiency. The remaining members of the organization take orders directly from the top and have limited say in decision-making.

Photo Credits. The number of layers varies between different organizations. Centralized structures imply that authority and decision-making concentrates within a select few individuals -- typically the company CEO and his core team.

companies that use organic structure

Every subordinate is accountable to his superior for his own decisions and in turn, the actions of his subordinates. Written communication tends to dominate within this type of structure.

Impersonal relations among people: Rewards are based upon efficiency rather than nepotism or personal preferences. Flatter structures are common to smaller organizations.

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Organic vs Mechanistic Structures