Cause and effect essay about culture shock

The weather, transport, language to speak in becomes a challenge, as each country has its own individuality. This process of acculturation involves two specific issues regarding identity for each individual.

Advantages and disadvantages of culture shock

More specifically, this article conducted a review the development of theories of culture shock. Meeting new people a. The available methodologies for intercultural training can be classified into four categories according to the approaches used and the content of the training: 1 Didactic culture-general training: academic lectures on the general influence of culture on behavior, cultural awareness training, culture-general assimilators 2 Experiential culture-general training: communication workshops, self assessments, experiments on general cultural differences 3 Didactic culture - specific training: area orientation briefings, analysis of case studies, intercultural sensitizer training 4 Experiential culture - specific training: culture specific simulations and role- plays, bi-cultural communication workshops, field trips in the host country73 It is a proven fact that cross-cultural training has a positive influence on building intercultural competence, the ability to act appropriately in an intercultural situation. It is not always a negative thing. This adaptation or adjustment process usually starts with an initial euphoria about the foreignness of the host culture. Public places b. Milgram would soon come to realize obedience is an integral part of human nature. This knowledge can be gained in various ways including reading books, watching TV programs, talking to people who had extended contact to the host culture or directly to host nationals, or by observing the behavior of members of the other culture. It is shaped by parents, relatives, teachers, friends, and the society. Although many aspects of the desired expatriate qualification profile are personality factors that can only slowly be changed or developed, there are others that can be shaped and improved through intercultural training. Culture Shock - A Process 2. It may be just as good as before, in which the visitor can be considered to be biculturally adapted or it may even be better. In the last case the visitor has "gone native" - he or she has become more Roman than the Romans.

However, it does not show the downsides that could occur due to this process. Culture shock takes place when someone enters into an unfamiliar culture due to a vacation, humanitarian project, study abroad opportunity, etc.

Editors : "The Blackwell Handbook of cross-cultural management", Oxford,p. The other things that may help you know if you are suffering from cultural shock include having sleeping problems, missing your culture, feeling insecure or as a target, getting angry pretty fast and having obsession for unusual stuff.

The first sight you see is a couple being publicly affectionate.

effect of culture shock

Host nationals will evaluate the foreigner applying their own cultural standards and finding him lacking.

A typical development along Oberg's Culture Shock model would show the chauvinistic reaction type during the actual crisis phase, followed by the marginal type vacillating between the two cultures, and finally resulting into the passing or the mediating type depending on the state of adjustment.

Why does culture shock occur

Introduction In recent years, the people who pursue their overseas studying have doubled in number. This is so as it would cause a significant amount of inconvenience and adapting to the individual for a period of time, thus undergoing a transition period to cope with culture shock. Sojourners' social networks have a strong influence as well. The need for effective International Human Resources Management 3. However, before starting to go into detail on Culture Shock, its causes, consequences and possible solutions it makes sense to define the term culture in general. Nevertheless it is one of the most frequently words of our time. They show between three and nine different phases but all of them have the U-curve-like development in common, starting with euphoria decreasing to escalation or Culture Shock and finally growing and improving up to the individual extent of adjustment. These reaction types should not be seen as personality types but as basic possibilities to react to the confrontation with a foreign culture.
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Cause and Effect of Cultural Shock Essay