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This practice carried over to sessions that were held immediately after the ban was lifted, such as this one. LeopoldHiwebAt Cdf essay competition You can download the paper by clicking the button above.

Accordingly in the next generation one in 16 of these names will again drop out, and so the process continues. I should conjecture for it is only conjecture where familiarity has neutralized the capacity of judging that there is a want of sentiment, of character, a balance of pretensions as well as of attitude, a good deal of insipidity, and an over-gentility.

No appeals will be entertained. Gross plagiarism may consist with great originality. As for the first image, it lacks corroboration. Certainly no mortal could, but for the sake of the moral it couches, invent such an absurd dream as this, so much out of the road of thought!

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The official entry form, properly filled in, must accompany each entry. It is only to be deprecated in so far as there is a danger, which experience shows to be no trifling one, that the fascination found in the pursuit should lead men into following it up into excessive lengths.

Out of solidarity with the musicians, Peggy Lee abstained from any recording activity, however. It is the responsibility of the writer to ensure that all his sources are properly cited using the correct format.

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CDF Essay Competition Cover Sheet/Entry Form