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At the end of the novel ["the party was over" p. This story signifies Gatsby trying to achieve The American Dream. For Gatsby this means creating an entirely new persona based on his brief love encounter with Daisy. Although the superficial life of the rich and powerful is a major theme in The Great Gatsby, it mostly explores underlying complexities and depths and therefore reveals the other side of the American Dream to the reader.

Four colors: green, gold, white, and gray played key roles in the symbolic demonstration of ideas and feelings which, woven together seamlessly, made The Great Gatsby a world-renowned work of literary genius. Until the end Gatsby is hopeful that he can win Daisy with this power of Money.

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Well, the most noticeable image is that green light we seem to see over and over. Jay Gatsby is one of the most celebrated characters in twentieth-century literature. The concept of color symbolism is prominent in the novel. Which is more important - money or love? Fitzgerald is able to captivate readers' attentions through his employment of color symbolism. Arguably, "this lawn" means the lawn at Gatsby's house. Eckleburg's glasses , looking over the wasteland of America, are yellow. Scott Fitzgerald was writing The Great Gatsby, he was not only working as a writer, he was an artist painting a piece through his words. Throughout the novel, the green light functions as a key symbol. The book uses many different colors to show symbolism, and each color has its own effect on the plot. The concept of color symbolism is prominent in the novel.

So green does represent a kind of hope, but not always a good one. Fitzgerald portrays important messages in the novel by his symbolic use of colors. The Great Gatsby, set in s New York, shows the differences between the life of the prosperous and the impoverished.

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Jay Gatsby is a man of mystery, with seemly unlimited funds, who throws ridiculous outrageous parties for no apparent reason. The Color Imagery in F. With his well-chosen words, Fitzgerald painted a fantastic portrait of life during the Roaring Twenties in the minds of his readers, a picture rich with color and excitement.

Our main contender is Wilson : "When anyone spoke to him he invariably laughed in an agreeable colorless way" 2. When Nick Carraway visited the Buchanan he met two young women, of course Daisy and Jordan "They were both in white" p.

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