Computer syllabus

Insert images: img attributes: src, width, height, altsup super scriptsub subscript. Discuss x-y plane, create scripts to move the cat Scratch mascot. Unit 3: Cyber ethics Software licenses and the open source software movement. See keyboard picture.

computer syllabus class 10

Ability to perform basic data manipulation using spread sheets and use Indian languages in documents. Ability to create and edit documents, spread sheets, and presentations.

computer syllabus for class 4

Create a text document with figures in it. Edit and format text: text style B, I, Ufont type, font size, text colour, alignment of text. They are unable to visit Example. Edit and format a slide: add titles, subtitles, text, background, and watermark, headers and footers, and slide numbers.

After some time some inventor was chatting with each other for names of IP addresses.

Cbse computer syllabus for class 1 to 5 pdf

Breakup of marks for the Practicals: S. Edit and format text: text style B, I, U , font type, font size, text colour, alignment of text. Alphabets of websites are in English. Paste code in the body tag. Presentation tool: understand the concept of slide shows, basic elements of a slide, different types of slide layouts, create and save a presentation, and learn about the different views of a slide set — normal view, slide sorter view and hand-outs. Users can press any buttons in sequence. Copy and paste code in Example. Description lists: dl, dt and dd.
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