Daily writing prompts for 4th grade

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date and why? You are a mad scientist and have invented a new vegetable. Funny Pet Tricks. He wishes to take a student back to his planet.

Write a story using these 5 words: apple, train, elephant, paper, banjo 7. Describe the steps for how you make lemonade and the types of customers you see during the day. Be a building you know well. Microscopic Details.

Do you think you could write your own?

4th grade opinion writing prompts with passages

Name one class, sport, or club you wish your school offered and explain why it should be available. Students should take notes and provide a list of the sources they used in their research. Describe a mistake you made and the lesson you learned from it. Imagine you are the captain of a pirate ship. What is something you like to practice so you can become better at it? What was so funny? Write about a day you'd like to forget. In addition to basic survival needs such as food, water, air and shelter, what are 3 things you would you need to be happy? What does it look like?

Write about the characteristics of the genre and list some of your favorite books as examples. What helps you to feel less afraid of something?

4th grade writing prompts staar
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Creative Writing Prompts for Kids