Describing marilyn monroe and her symbolism of sex in the 20th century

The latter netted her a Golden Globe Award for best comedy actress. The actress later would describe her stays with these foster families as sometimes very unhappy.

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She played a golden-haired woman who did not have much intelligence -- "a dumb blonde. DiMaggio claimed her body and held a private funeral.

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The movie never was released because of this. In the nineteen fifties, many Americans believed sex was a very private subject.

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Several critics praised her performance. She soon became America's golden girl. This is because with the media establishing unattainable standards for body perfection, American Women have taken drastic measures to live up to these impractical societal expectations Fox company officials dismissed her. Still, her fame continues to grow. Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer, and model. Soon, however, her agent got her a job at Columbia Pictures. Our society has us thinking and believing that we are to look and act a certain way to be accepted in society, and perception in the media has influenced women to change the way they look. She believed the best way to find herself as a person was to prove to herself that she was an actress. She would act all the movie parts after she went to a movie.

Later, she tried again. Many people try to play her in movies and pose as. People thought of Marilyn Monroe as "that blonde bombshell.

Who wrote this essay? She had gained too much weight.

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Marilyn Monroe, America's Most Famous Sex Symbol