Dystopia transcript

Ann: Yeah? Ann: So do you read a lot of science news? Brigitte is amazing. And it really does feel like we are living in a society where our government thinks it's acceptable to prevent women from having an abortion and accessing their fundamental constitutional right to an abortion.

For a more critical look, read about the political history of dystopia and its implicationsor the role of nature in many dystopian scenarios.

Dystopia transcript

There is an avenue where young women can go to court and get a court order saying they can consent to the abortion on their own without having to tell their parents. I mean a couple of years ago there was a kind of wave of allegations and proven allegations of really vile sexual misconduct among surgeons, right? My parkette is going to be one foot by one and I'm going to donate my teeth to it after I get myself composted. You know, that desire you described among the readers of this novel who say look, why didn't all those women rise up together? Brigitte: Thank you. And every year of that hundred years a different author will be asked to contribute a manuscript in a sealed box, no other copies. And in some ways holding up a mirror to the way these things play out and become toxic among women is itself pretty feminist. Or what sort of alliances are you building with groups that are in contact with serving communities like this to make sure that you're. All right. Even under the Obama administration I actually have a lawsuit pending against them from the Obama administration. Charlotte: Well there were a couple of early influences. Margaret: Does that make you angry? Ann: I don't. It's like it is.

Margaret: I live in Canada which is right now a lucky place to be living. Margaret: [Laughs] I don't get very easily angered but I often get really quite surprised and puzzled. I thought this was going to be the part where they would say "What's in the box?

Hers is destroyed. We have a right to deny her access to an abortion.

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And I think that's definitely what I'm going to take to heart.

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How to recognize a dystopia