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The medical field requires an enormous amount of knowledge to be about to be a practicing doctor, which explains the vast amount of education someone has to obtain. The use of glucose monitors, such as the Nova Stat Strip meter used at Greenview Regional Hospital, are used to help reduce documentation and medical errors with diabetic patients.

Computers have provided technological advancement in many fields but in the field of medicine, in the last decade, advancements have had an enormous impact.

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This information is critical in the planning and development of policies governing the operations of the health care systems. Formatting and arranging the inserted objects on the slide, moving and grouping objects, doing the final alignment are all necessary in any poster work. After the introduction of technology to the medical field, doctors made enormous strides in their practices. The existence of an elaborate Information Technology infrastructure between the healthcare service providers and healthcare facilities such as hospitals and medical care services allows for the maintenance of accurate electronic health records Kirch, There are no signs that in the future, it will slow down. An introduction letter will be acquired from the University detailing the purpose and intention of the study. It is most notable that the secondary data has been extensively used in the literature review of this research study. The limitation of the available space is the major challenge of using the conventional file storage. This study reviewed literature on the benefits of Health Information Technology HIT in its transformation of the health care industry. In technical fields of the healthcare industry that are served by experts, open ended and closed ended questionnaires will be used to help collect sensitive data for the purposes of comprehensive information. Most of the people now have longer lifespan than before. According to W. Through this research study, all the health care providers will acknowledge the importance of Health Information Technology in improving the efficiency of the health care systems so as to increase profitability since the populations of patients served in these facilities are on the increase.

This is the superiority of the EHR over the filing system of health information records. In specific the study will aim at: i.

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However, the Elaine is categorical that in healthcare systems mostly poor developing countries where HIT is either partially or not embraced, strategic plans are underway to ensure that all their healthcare systems are computerized by the year as stipulated in their strategic development goals.

These impacts will be measured in terms of administrative efficiency, cost of healthcare, and quality of the health care service and accuracy of health information. Ebola and SARs- Both are contagious and very deadly viral disease in human beings. With modern medicine, many diseases became curable.

The health records in paper files are no longer kept in the metallic cabins where they are liable to physical destruction, misplacement, or manipulations and are difficult to retrieve should there any need arise.

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The main purpose of the Health Information Technology is to improve the overall efficiency, safety, and quality of the service delivery within the healthcare systems. This quality will ensure that the HIT programs and the subsequent computerization of the healthcare information is realized considering that all the healthcare providers fully embrace its applications in the management of health information. Many governments have made it their policy that all health records have to be stored within the Electronic Health Record. This information is critical in the planning and development of policies governing the operations of the health care systems. Most of the healthcare institutions such as insurer, hospitals, government and international health agencies have prohibitive confidentiality policies that do not allow care giving and medical personnel to expose organization confidential matters and operational secrets. The particular research will also enlighten the general public on the numerous benefits of the Health Information Systems to the end users patients. The research will rely so much on the primary data as the main source of information. The study will be conducted in different institutions of health care to ensure that all classes of health care providers are adequately represented in the research. As observed by Tomasi in their health care publication, Health information technologies in primary health care in developing countries: a literature review, all the major health care systems provides for the computerization of their data system within their expansive areas of operation. Technology and technological innovations have characterized healthcare delivery in the current world. The introduction of the telemedicine allows the patients to directly seek the expertise services of the medical practitioners without necessarily visiting the health facilities. The researchers will prepare elaborate structured and unstructured questionnaires to solicit for all the required information from the respondents. In which way does Health Information Technology affect the efficiency of the heath care service offered to the patient population by the health care providers within the healthcare industry? As a result, while systems thinking allows new and useful methods to improve patient safety, it comes with it its own intangible challenges, if not documented and addressed.

The guarantee respondents of their privacy, the research study will be conducted in private places and at the discretion of respondents. All the information systems within the healthcare systems as given by healthcare providers, insurers, and the medical facilities are interconnected through the highly modernized infrastructure of the healthcare information technology.

Each of these stakeholders plays an important role in the computerization of the healthcare systems. Similarly, the contributions of the healthcare experts and healthcare policy makers are also crucial in the development of Health Information Technology because they lay down all the fundamental features to be included in the programs under development.

The human body remains to be a mysterious being, and doctors strive to interpret symptoms to diagnose and treat the body.

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Health Information Technology: benefits and challenges Essay Example