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In the afternoon, after lunch, I like staying in the shade out of the sun. There are other reasons I love Mondays too. What are your favorite days of the week and why? Subscribe to our Thank you for signing up! Ultimately, for me, Mondays are aspirational. We sometimes play triomino. An opportunity to do better. See, the fresh start thing is real! It's the very beginning of the week. Swim club meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from am. Not the one from that short story where they stone people to death , the lottery with money! By Friday I throw my hands up. All these shows have to end somewhere right?

When will you meet? Did I just fall in love with a theoretical description of a day of the week? Subscribe to our Thank you for signing up!

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In the evening I usually watch the TV. For most people, Mondays start off the work week, which is true for me too. Whenever possible, I watch Pluzz TV. I found myself on a nineteen hour flight to Phenom Phen, Cambodia In the afternoon, my grandchildren have a nap for an hour. Okay I have mine. My commute is from my bedroom to my home office. Cover Image Credit: dhleonardconsulting. I usually rise with the lark and after breakfast I go into the garden. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to keep track of the different things that I forgot to do throughout a whole week Why should others join? Here's a few reasons why. Nope, what I love about Mondays is something more fundamental than that. Stealing jokes from garbage?

In the afternoon, my grandchildren have a nap for an hour. It is amazing to look back on the first day of clinical and remember having no idea what I was doing, to the past clinical day where we as students do not need direction as to what needs to be done. Or an actual sentence.

This is a time for gardening and harvesting vegetables and fruit. We sometimes play "petanque".

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But from the triage unit I heard a faint noise like one of the Code blue alarms. I like my weeks front-loaded, so I feel productive. His favorite, but also his worse enemy. Stealing jokes from garbage? Bernard's favorite day My favorite day of the week is Wednesday because I often go cycling with my friends or go hunting.

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I love Fridays as much as the next blogger writing about days of the week, but movies, restaurants , songs, iconic blocks of top notch television programming? Since the last journal entry, I have worked with a three different nurses and have gotten to see what their work flow is like compared to the two weeks I worked with Michelle No work tomorrow! Then I do a little housework and have a little walk if the weather is fine. You bet I did! I enjoy passing my time like this. May I call you partner?

Now take a moment to think about your most favorite day of the week. It seems to feel like it drags on forever.

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