Frozen food business plan in nigeria things

In case, the business idea is not clear to you, seek professional advise.

challenges of frozen food business in nigeria

Capacity to consistently provide high quality, nutritional, and flavorful plantain chips all year round. Then repeat process until reasonable amounts of profits is being realized. Nine hundred and sixty thousand Naira. In an environment where there are more growing kids, red meat and poultry food can sell very well.

Usually, businesses do not make huge profit in the first two years of inception because of the initial costs incurred.

Frozen food business plan in nigeria things

The amount of freezer you will need but nothing less than two, a work space and a counter, you will also want to have a chair or two so your customers can seat while you package their goods. This is the period you do a thorough feasibility study regarding the business. Build Your Customer Base As a new business, determine who your customers are. We are located in Orile Lagos. Re: Frozen Foods Business. Frozen Food Business Plan pdf to Whether your business will prosper or crumble depends on how reliable or inefficient your storage facility is. It is deserving of note here that you will most likely be unable to do this for every one of your clients as a result of the additional cost you may bring about in this procedure. In this section, you need to describe how you will sell the products. If you sell 5 cartons in a week, that would be 20 cartons in one month and 80, Naira in one month. Frozen food business is the business of buying, storing and selling of frozen foods, most commonly chicken and fish. Do not forget that expenses include the cost of equipment, delivery, packaging, storing and manufacturing.

If you are just starting, stick with products that have the greatest demand. Frozen food business has some level of hazard and additionally cost effective.

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There are many food items that can be sold frozen. However, if it is one that will succeed, the glimpse of survival will be seen within months. This article will tell you what you need to know before starting your frozen chicken business. It is ideal to begin with the ones that are more sought after before extending to different sorts.

Sea food process: Flake ice can lower the temperature of cleaning water and sea products, therefore it resists the growth of bacteria and keeps the sea food fresh.

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There are people in the business already and more will likely to come in after you start.

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How To Start A Frozen Chicken Business In Nigeria