Health and social care unit 9 task 1 academic writing

For example, if an individual suffers from dementia and requires full time care, a whole team of professionals from different jobs, services and companies will be involved with deciding with what care and overall outcome will be best for that individual.

Another risk of harm was when the staff arranged the mattress on the floor for Mr. Evaluations of interprofessional education: a United Kingdom review for health and social care.

Ahmed, N.

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The individual will be able to voice when they are happy and when they are not happy, they will also be able to voice their own opinions and preferences which will be taken into account when their care is being performed.

But the care taker should select the safety first then right and responsibility.

p1 explain relevant principles and values when planning a package of support

The effectiveness of the policies and the procedure within the health and social care are also described. This is the reason of the non-participation as he depends on the others for his daily routine activities Gilson, This will enable professionals to provide holistic support as it sets out all of the aspects that should be covered in order to give full care and support to individuals.

This will enable professionals to provide holistic support as all individual's beliefs and values will be respected by all members of staff, therefore applying to all aspects of holistic support.

Therefore, all aspects will be met and the individuals will be supported appropriately. Same in the case of the care workers, they should also have the legislation such as the acceptance and the unacceptable risk, creating abuse free environment, protection from the risk that is not acceptable by the organisation, leadership style of the leaders and the complaints procedure for the organisation Leichsenring, How does this enable professionals to provide holistic support?

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