How do i write a book review on amazon kindle

If you're an author or Kindle publisher, then you know the importance of having high quality reviews. Your personal blog, on social media, or here on Medium will all work fine. These services are basically just charging you a fee to advertise your book to people who have expressed an interest in reviewing books.

Please note that some of these sites are for Kindle books, while others will accept paperback or hardcopy books. I write about it in more detail herebut it involves simply asking readers to review. On the next screen you will be able to change, update or add to your original review.

As a fiction author it means studying the most successful books in your genre, and deconstructing why readers of the genre love them.

amazon book review policy

This means that you must have purchased at least one physical or digital item from Amazon in the past. Rate the book by clicking on the appropriate number of stars you want to give the book. We want to legitimately connect with them and make sure that they feel as though we are individually reaching out to them and not just mass emailing.

Go to the Amazon search bar at the top, and type in words that would describe your type of book — be specific so that you find books that really are close to yours.

amazon reviews

That's why it's extremely important that when you first launch a book on Kindle to start accumulating reviews for it quickly so that you can get some momentum selling it.

When you click the controller, the Kindle screen flashes to indicate that your rating has been accepted.

The Kindle Store Home screen appears, with the Browse section at the top.

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How To Get Amazon Reviews For Your Kindle Book