How to write a first class essay

Unlike many other subjects where the answer is either correct or incorrect, essays are qualitative and require much more creativity.

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And when did you last read it? Explain why your position is more persuasive, logical, or better-supported than the alternatives. How can I get a First? Plus, of course, this process has its own rewards beyond your essay mark. Ensure that you back your position with evidence. Now that you are familiar with the steps required to write a first-class essay, we hope that the process of drafting one is much easier than before. There are no rules to the number of paragraphs that you should include in your essay but as a rule of thumb, ensure that that they are not too lengthy. It's a good idea to confirm the referencing style required for your essay so that you can become familiar with it. But you now need to explain how your point is relevant to the essay question.

What if your position simply doesn't add up? If in doubt, consider using a professional service to tidy up your writing.

How to write a first class dissertation

Conclusion The fastest way to write a conclusion is to take the summary points of your body text paragraphs and bookend them with your introduction. Make sure you spell out to the reader exactly how each part of your essay answers the question. Regardless of the content, all first class essays are compelling to read. Signposting in this way will show linear progression in your work and will further enable the marker to follow your work logically. You won't get a higher grade if all you do is quote other peoples' words and material, especially if your quoting or paraphrasing is particularly excessive and comes over as a regurgitation of your reading material. Helga Hejny, Lecturer in Law, offers some simple advice that could help you get the process started. A first-class essay will normally include a minimum of one paragraph that discusses the how and questions and analyses the arguments you present. Referencing System Every essay you write should convey all of your own ideas, and contain accurate and complete references.

This will prevent you from achieving a first-class grade. Start by visiting your local library for helpful publications and books related to essay writing.

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You need to express yourself well. Argument and Structure As an author, you will present one idea at a time in a focused and coherent manner, which makes your essay linear in nature. In order to solidify your argument, your essay can contain several criticisms of your main argument, which you can then defend.

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To this end, each paragraph should contain one idea or supporting piece of evidence. Undergraduates also often forget the need to effectively address counter-arguments to their own position.

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If you want to compose a first class essay, you need to give a good presentation of the arguments. If so, make sure you get the list and, if possible, the syllabus showing what kind of essays the module will require ahead of time.

How to write a first class essay

On the other hand, it could simply be that students have become better at researching what makes for First-class work. All the knowledge in the world won't score you a First if you don't also have the rhetorical skills to express that knowledge fluently and succinctly. Avoid generalities Sweeping generalities are clear signs that you don't know your stuff, and they really irritate lecturers. This will not only speed up the process, but also increase your chances of achieving a first-class after submission. However, an argument is defined as a series of ideas so you need to learn how to address both argument and structure in order to achieve a first-class grade on your essay. Initially, you need to learn how to have a powerful argument and strong structure of the paper, which will entice your readers to go on and finish reading the paper. Step Originality A first-class essay will demonstrate a high level of originality that is linked with critical reasoning skills. Whatever the case, for many students this benchmark seems almost impossible to attain. Start your assignment as early as possible because a first class essay requires plenty of revision and polishing. Further reading - Sources recommended for further reading should usually be used as a starting point for wider reading on your essay subject. Ensure that you reference your sources properly in the appropriate academic style and always cross-check with the essay criteria to ensure that you are adhering to university requirements. A frequently cited example is: 'Woman without her man is nothing. None of this is enough by itself, though. In addition, the marking formats and criteria can vary greatly depending on the specific individual or department marking the document. This can be a wearisome task, especially when there is little to distinguish one paper from the next.

Solid support for every single argument.

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