How to write a winning school captain speech

Hello, my name is Natnael and I would like to be house captain for Farah house this year. Hi, my name is Jayden. Passive voice is least effective when you call people into action. I read readings from the bible at church in front of strangers. Essay Topic: EducationFilm Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

I think my leadership skills would help me make a great school captain. Whenever you are feeling down I shall cheer you up. Hi, my name is Daniel and I would like to be house captain for green house.

Apart from that, kindly be as honest as possible in your speech. Also, always use active voice, as it is more authoritative and direct. Vote for me if you agree with what I have said. Ensure that each paragraph has its own point. You can talk to me when there is something wrong or something that you feel is not right and I will try and fix your problems.

speech for sports captain election

If you liked what I said, please vote for me.

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How to Write a Speech for School Elections (with Sample Speeches)