Impact of recession in india mba project

In health care sector also there is huge gap between demand and supply at all the levels of society.

2008 recession effects on the world

With cheap cell phones available in the Indian market and cheaper call rates, the sector has become the necessity and primary need of everyday life. The whole of Asia would be hit by a recession as it depends on the US economy. Unemployment jumped from This indicates the depth and severity of the current recession. What's more, given the strongly recessionary conditions expected to prevail in the world economy in , there is no prospect of a quick turnaround in India. The railways have enhanced freight revenue by increasing its axle loading, improving customer services and adopting an innovative pricing strategy. Against this backdrop, the meeting between the US and China at the G20 summit assumes a heightened level of importance.

The high and affluent class of society will not be affected much by this global crises even if their worth is reduced significantly. The resulting taming of inflation did, however, set the stage for a robust growth period during Reagan's administration.

As of now, IT and IT-enabled services, textiles, jewellery, handicrafts and leather segments will suffer losses because of their trade link. So luxurious product market will not be affected and in fact to maintain the lifestyle those affluent will spend more for it.

effect of 2008 crisis on india

However the recession did not involve two consecutive quarters of decline, it was preceded by two quarters of alternating decline and weak growth. The US entered a recession at the end ofand saw many other nations follow suit.

Foran estimated 2. Foreclosures spread like wildfire putting the US economy on shaky ground.

impact of recession on indian economy

Since the business cycle is very hard to predict, Siegel argues that it is not possible to take advantage of economic cycles for timing investments. India's exports to the US have also grown substantially over the years. And in case of metros the market sentiments itself created a need of psychological consultation.

So now its time to be innovative and more effective and increase the over all efficiency and go for systematic cost cutting to balance the rupee effect.

Current global recession and crisis

Zinnov Consulting, a research and offshore advisory, says that besides companies from ITeS and BPO, automotive components will be affected. They project real GDP declining at an annual rate of 2. Food processing companies will not be affected much and rather will earn profits by increasing the prices. From March to November , employment dropped by almost 1. Still there are so many urban areas were you could hardly find any multi specialty hospital. Now if that is going to get hurt then it will also hurt India's overall growth but very slightly. Telecom sector, according to industry estimates, year started with a subscriber base of million and will likely to end with a subscriber base of million — a full century.
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