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In prior research, many studies have focused on leadership as a trait. An electronic test bank, compatible with PCs and Macsthrough Diploma software, is also available. Learning objec-tives, multimedia links, discussion questions, and SAGE journal articles helpstudents study and reinforce the most important material.

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The individuals who weremore dominant, more intelligent, and more confident about their own per-formance general self-efficacy were more likely to be identified as leadersby other members of their task group.

Coercion involves the use of force to effect change.

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As Box 1. Other approaches toleadership define it as an act or a behavior—the things leaders do to bringabout change in a group. Power A boss who has information regarding new criteria to decide employee promotion eligibility has information power. Attention tocommon goals gives leadership an ethical overtone because it stresses theneed for leaders to work with followers to achieve selected goals. Situational Approach 93 6. Personal power is the influence capacity a leader derives from being seen byfollowers as likable and knowledgeable. From this viewpoint, leaders havepower that they wield to effect change in others.

Although the research on traits spanned the entire 20th century, a goodoverview of this approach is found in two surveys completed by Stogdill Based on thesecomponents, the following definition of leadership is used in this text: Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.

Leadership occurs in groups. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 18, — Power used to bethe domain of leaders, but that is diminishing and shifting to followers.

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Special Features Although this text presents and analyzes a wide range of leadershipresearch, every attempt has been made to present the material in a clear,concise, and interesting manner.

A teacher who is adored by students has referent power.

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