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This photograph shows what the Rogarshevksy family's kitchen looked like in How many great men amassed great wealth from the blood, sweat and tears of these poor immigrants? Because most immigrants were poor when they arrived, they often lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where rents for the crowded apartment buildings, called tenements, were low.

Where the improvements did not require major structural change they reluctantly went along. The Fourth ward, covering an area of 83 acres, contains 23, inhabitants. Many immigrant Jews went into the peddler business, the city streets soon teaming with pushcarts filled with all kinds of merchandise.

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Dolkart [ Legislation With Teeth No. The Chinese immigrants, who settled in the West Coast, suffered more than others. It had two windows opening upon the court, and a large fireplace filled with a cooking stove. In he was listed in Ward 19 Brooklyn, as a boarder, married, clergyman city mission, his wife was not listed. Under the new law—which in contrast to past legislation would actually be enforced—pre-existing tenement structures were updated, and more than , new apartments were built over the next 15 years, supervised by city authorities. If I could write an Immigration Act for today it would state that immigration would be allowed but also monitored, in order to control the population from getting out of hand. The measure was designed to increase ventilation and fight diseases, such as tuberculosis, that ravaged tenement neighborhoods.

The reader will no doubt suppose that the inmates of these houses are compelled to remain in them because of extreme poverty. The main topic of this passage, after the letter, is about how America's leading cities grew so much and so fast.

Some still secretly operate today.

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But he is also happy to soon be returning to his parents in Pensacola, Florida. Indeed, the latter crime is the logical result of such dense packing of the sexes. When the number of families living under one owner exceeded ten, it was found that such owner was engaged in the keeping of a tenement-house as a business, and generally as a speculator. The walls of rough stone dripped with slimy exudations, while the pavements yielded to the slightest pressure of the feet a suffocating odor compounded of bilge-water and sulphuretted hydrogen. Nowhere, however, did the tenement situation become as dire as it was in New York, particularly on the Lower East Side. What's up? Nearly all of them were equipped with "electrical and steam appliances". As pecuniary investments they pay well, the rents sometimes yielding as much as thirty per cent. The Gorbals is a relatively small area and at one time had an estimated 90, people living in its tenements, leading to very poor living conditions; now the population is roughly 10, Each kitchen had a fireplace, which could have burned either coal or wood; gas, which was available in the Tenth Ward by the time 97 was built, was not piped in until some time after construction was completed. Decency is impossible.

Home is but a word with them. When it began to be developed for residences late in the 18th century, no law governed street layout. The jury trial found for the City, and so did every jurisdiction of appeal, up to and including the US Supreme Court in It is a terrible thing to contemplate, but it is a fact that one half of the population of this great city is subjected to the demoralizing influences of these vast barracks.

Plunz, Richard. But Finn was exploring that sewer horror with his lantern.

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