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The results are both hilarious and ridiculously attuned to the personalities and writing styles of our favorite writers.

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He was the chairman of Peet's until when the store went public and he became the director. The blog was started on September 18,and has amassed 55, followers since then, which is astounding to us. Nora and Wilson lived on the same floor their freshman year.

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Below are two exclusive Literary Starbucks entries that the authors wrote specially for Bustle. Where did the idea for Literary Starbucks come from?

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Jill, who graduates first, is planning to move out to Los Angeles and eventually get a job writing for television. Also, whatever a fresh blog post smells like victory? For 20 years, Ausnes had suffered from polycystic kidney disease, a rare condition that invariably ends in kidney failure.

She was bare-breasted, twin-tailed and simply screamed, "Buy coffee!

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In her free time, she writes short stories and scripts. What do the three of you like the most about Literary Starbucks? She absentmindedly leaves them on a table because she sees someone waving to her from the alley outside of the shop and she thinks it would be a terrific idea to go say hi to him. Rowling goes up to the counter and orders seven pumpkin spice lattes. We are honestly amazed by the outpouring of positive feedback for the blog. Jill came up with it in class one day when she should have been paying attention. It uses wit and humour to bring out the essence of a writer. March 29, Getty Images Starbucks is the coffee icon people either love or love to hate. There are some areas we feel we are lacking in, so we have expanded our reading lists and are attempting to branch out in both authors and genre. Her footsteps echo as she crosses the pavement, heads out of the city into fields, which brush against her body as she moves through them. This is a unique love. We were really excited that although our blog is funny, it actually inspires people to read!
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