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First, RCFs house a population with chronic disease and significant disabilities, as shown in Table Fralich et al.

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To begin, there are different types of abuse such as: emotional, sexual, neglect, financial and physical abuse. Many nursing home residents need constant nursing attention to ensure that they do not develop medical problems. Thus, a decision must be made about what types of facilities to include and what types to exclude.

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As a point of comparison, there are an estimated 16, licensed nursing homes with approximately 1. A review of records and care practices in 14 facilities in 11 states, conducted with protocols similar to the GAO's, documented inadequate treatment in one-third of the facilities in the areas of nutritional support, pressure ulcer care, prevention of contractures, pain management, and personal assistance Johnson and Kramer, However, elderly who live in residential settings that offer long-term supportive services are at particular risk for abuse and neglect.

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Although abuse in nursing facilities is becoming more prominent, there are several things that family members can do to protect their loved one from being a victim from this horrible crime. The most common type of physical abuse is battery, which can include forcing the resident into restraints for no valid reason. Get Essay According to Center , A recent investigation concluded that employment checks do not always provide adequate protection against elder mistreatment. Abuse in nursing homes is mainly thought of as physical aggression, but the elderly are subjected to psychological abuse also. The white elderly are usually put in nursing home. General Accounting Office a found that more than half had received unacceptable care, including lack of appropriate attention to dramatic, unplanned weight loss, failure to properly treat pressure ulcers, and failure to manage pain. Deficiency Citations for Abuse Ninety-six percent of all facilities nationwide participate in the Medicare or Medicaid programs or both Strahan,

For example, North Shore Elder Services in Danvers, Massachusetts, conducted a recent project on reducing abuse and neglect in nursing homes MacDonald, They are dependent on the … nursing facility operator for their food, medicine, medical care, dental care, and a bed; a roof over their heads; for assistance with virtually every daily activity.

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elder abuse in nursing homes essay
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Essay on Elderly Abuse: Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect