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The polar bear population has gone down two-thirds due to poachers hunting them for their pelts. They are helping save many animals from becoming extinct and even taken off the list of most endangered species.

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All of these organizations have helped educate society on what animal poaching is. Despite the ban on trade since the s, poaching level of rhino horns has risen over the last decade, leading the rhino population into crisis.

Usually, bushmeat is considered a subset of poaching due to the hunting of animals regardless of the laws that conserve certain species of animals.

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Save the Rhino , a UK-based wildlife advocacy organization which tracks and analyzes data on poaching, notes that in Kenya alone, from to , 23 rhinos and elephants were killed by poachers. People who are against poaching should do what they can to stop this act from escalating, or there will not be any balance on this world. The biodiversity of Africa is in great danger due to the effects of poaching. The use of parts of endangered species such as seahorses , rhinoceros horns, binturong and tiger bones and claws has created controversy and resulted in a black market of poachers. They were officially declared extinct in after scientists failed to detect any living in the Yangtze River. Many species of animals, like tigers, polar bears, elephants, and rhinos, are quickly becoming endangered and even extinct because of hunters and poachers. If poaching continues and expands throughout Africa then there will be an abundance of animals that will go extinct. Conducting a survey on 1, residents of Beijing, China with being university students and the other being regular citizens, they tried to gauge public opinion about tigers and conservation efforts for them. Over rhinos were killed in Two majorly low populated African Rhino species that have really suffered the devastating effects of poaching are the Hooked-lip Black Rhinoceros and the Square-lipped White Rhinoceros. Early explorations have enticed poachers to consume this species with the excuses for killing animals for science. These would keep continuing until there is nothing left valuable to exploit and rare species are extinct.

Czartoryski, Alex. Bibliography Animal Poaching Essay Animal poaching is the worst thing you can imagine for an animal species.

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The International Anti-Poaching Foundation helps create global awareness of environmental issues that include decreasing animal populations and lead research in sustainability balanced ecosystems. They have truly made a difference on the environment and all wildlife. Why would people even consider poaching? Any individuals that violate these restrictions can face fines or imprisonment. This greed has also created more chaos and destruction in Africa because of the bans that were needed to be posted. Over the years as the price of ivory increased the population of the African elephants decreased. Targeting advertising using more violent imagery to show the disparity between tigers in nature and as a commodity made a great impact on the general population to combat poaching and indifference towards this problem. So far this year, were killed. One of the most common methods poachers use to capture animals is using military grade weapons and tranquilizer guns. Another animal group that was being affect by poaching are the African Rhinos. As we speak these creatures are left vulnerable and defenceless, knowing you were going to be slaughtered.

In Tanzania, shellfish are captured alive and are killed for their shells. They were asked questions regarding the value of tigers in relations to ecology, science, education, aestheticism, and culture. Trafficking tiger parts is highly illegal.

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We need to prevent this now. Did you know? Environment minister Pohamba Shifeta said on social media: "Our units are more than ready to deal with them without mercy. Today, there are around 17, white rhinos and more than 4, black rhinos. The body parts of many animals, such as tigers and rhinoceroses , are believed to have certain positive effects on the human body, including increasing virility and curing cancer. He asserts that conservation organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund apply the term "poaching" unfairly to tribal people engaging in subsistence hunting while supporting trophy hunting by tourists for a fee. Poaching is the greatest current threat to tigers, rhinos, elephants, gorillas and other African and Asian species. The former deals with people desiring a product due to many other people buying it, while the latter is similar but with one distinct difference: people will clamour to buy something if it denotes wealth that only a few elites could possibly afford. Poaching is a very serious epidemic that affects all countries around the world. Guardian News and Media, 02 Oct. It now joins other orphaned infants under continuous care. By , the Thylacine, also known as a Tasmanian tiger, became extinct because they were killed by farmers that believed they were responsible for attacking their livestock. Poaching was being used then as a dare. All About Wildlife, A snare is a set of wires configured to capture any animal that gets into it.

Tigers and rhinos are particularly vulnerable, their body parts being prized in traditional Asian medicine. As long as greed continues to poison the human heart and mind there may be no way to get rid of poaching.

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