Press release writing assignment for middle school

Short paragraphs with a space between each and slightly wider than normal margins are helpful.

Press release tips

Mailing lists Extensive mailing lists are the key to good media coverage. For example, perhaps pro-life and pro choice activist groups are working together on teen pregnancy prevention, or real estate groups and housing activists are working together on a housing initiative. They inspire children to learn. Seek a volunteer to incorporate the elements named on the newsprint into a press release, and to send it out two weeks before the event. Print Resources Aspen Reference Group. Emphasize one or two of the basic elements above. Short paragraphs with a space between each and slightly wider than normal margins are helpful. And they help working parents keep working, free of fears about what their kids might be up to after the end of the regular school day. The program is open to students in grades six to eight. You may be able to get a media guide from your local public relations association which will list all media and appropriate reporters in the area. You can telephone your release in without mailing a release, if necessary. Three to five days in advance is usually the right amount of time to ensure the editors can put someone on your story. At exactly 3 p.

The release should also have short, easily readable sentences and paragraphs, as news articles do. Media Alliance Community Media Project.

If there is a hint of conflict in our story, that will be what the news media will concentrate on. The coalition called this lending pattern lamentable, saying it is why many of Maplewood minority and low-income neighborhoods have a much lower rate of home ownership [why].

Media advocacy and public health.

Press release lesson plan

Find out if someone in the congregation might already have contacts at these outlets. Visuals: Interesting photographs that help tell the story will catch the reader's eye and entice them to find out more. All of these elements are attention-grabbers. You can do this as late as 12 hours before the event. Maybe you know this reporter has a personal interest in your issue. Your release should be relatively short — two or three pages, max. Never send a release to more than one person at the same newspaper The Daybook The Associated Press and United Press International wire services both put out complete listings of upcoming events to all their television, radio and print media subscribers. League of Women Voters of the United States.

Why should they care? For "what" identify the key components of the event.

how to write news from press release
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