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There are essayists who rely on their subject to create interest and there are essayists who rely on their style. I had only one reservation.

john jeremiah sullivan

I hunted down everything I could find by him. I finally understood the title of one of my very favourite songs — I and I by Bob Dylan — as a Rastafarian expression. So what does Sullivan actually write about?

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Bear that in mind. If two people from different countries or even continents meet up, the conversation often gyrates around American usually pop culture. I'd say hold off a spell — he's simply not produced enough assessable work. Only art is real. It is thoughtful, electric and alive. Or the beautiful story about a family trip to Disneyworld. There's the story of Sullivan's time living with the mad old American writer Andrew Nelson Lytle, who late one night finally got around to touching the young John Jeremiah's genitals. What am I talking about? Sure, there are adolescent jokes in play here — about "fact-checking" journalism, about editors, about fabrication, about scientific horror stories — but there's also just straightforward bullshit at the expense of the reader. Sullivan often goes back to Indiana, the state where he grew up, to investigate some little known facts from the lives of famous musicians who are also Hoosiers that means someone from Indiana. JJS deserves hardcover!

I went into these chapters belligerently not giving a toss about reality TV and believing the Christian rock music scene to be the single most colossally redundant human phenomenon to date; I came out a changed reader.

And Sullivan is better than that. I learnt a new word! Apparently the most classic thing for Indiana is its Pork-tenderloin Sandwich. I will come clean here and say I did have to google The Real World, as somehow for the past 30 years I have lived in a Real-world-free-world.

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‘Pulphead,’ by John Jeremiah Sullivan