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Being a good citizen of the country, we should not waste electricity, water, natural resources, public property, etc. Democratic system of the country is completely based on the freedom of its citizens to enjoy their rights. Right to Freedom of Religion: There are many states in the country where people of various religions live together. Rights are very necessary given to the citizens for their individual development and improve the social life. Such rights and responsibilities are very important for National interest of the country however not forcefully enforced to the people. We must protect, preserve and improve the natural environment. We must maintain our brotherhood while protecting the country. Citizens enjoy their fundamental rights living anywhere in the country. Essay on the rights and duties of citizens 3 words Fundamental rights to Indian citizens have been given for the necessary and basic conditions of good life. We need some changes in our thinking and bring it into actions which can bring some positive effects in our society and country. As a good citizen of the country, we need to know and learn our rights and duties for the welfare of the society and the country. While other developed nations like Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland have campaigned and accepted universal coverage as the method in which to promote welfare of citizens, the evolution of these efforts in the U. In , when the Constitution came into effect, at this time there was no fundamental duty in the Constitution of India. In order to fulfill our responsibilities we have given some rights by the Constitution of India.

Finally, language. If a person is not following the fundamental duties, then it can not be punished because there is no legislation to follow these duties. As soon as we have the right, our responsibilities towards personal and social welfare also increase.

There are various responsibilities too of the good citizens which everyone must follow in order to improve surroundings and get inner peace.

They guard the country and maintain the spirit of common brotherhood. There is also a fundamental duty for the country's prosperity and peace. Legal professional, the from and challenges. Sanskrit she learned the central tibetan administration.

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I would also help Singapore to upkeep her reputation as a green and clean city. Article 47 conferring the right to come about their rights in indian system!

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Journey as his ideas. As we get rights our responsibilities increases too towards individual and social welfare. We should pay our taxes properly on time.

That is, democracy works in any country, whereas citizens of that country get rights. Understanding all the rules and regulation presented by the government may help every citizen in completing their responsibilities towards country.

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Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens Essay for Students