Segregation in school

The newly-founded private Prince Edward Academy operated as the de facto school system for white students. The new district would be almost all white. By state[ edit ] Virginia was an early adopter of techniques to establish and finance segregation academies.

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He worked to unite other white Virginia politicians and leaders in taking action to prevent school desegregation after the Brown v. In practice, this meant state support of newly established all-white private schools which became known as "segregation academies". Do the results of your research suggest any correlations?

Thirty-seven percent of our public schools are basically one-race schools — nearly all white or all minority.

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Students who attend integrated schools are more likely to live in diverse neighborhoods as adults than those students who attended more segregated schools. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education furthered desegregation efforts by upholding busing as a constitutional means to achieve integration within a school district, but the ruling had no effect on the increasing level of segregation between school districts.

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In both cases, the Court struck down school assignment plans designed to ensure that the racial composition of schools roughly reflected the composition of the district as a whole, saying that the plans were not "narrowly tailored" to achieve the stated goal and that race-neutral alternatives had not been given adequate consideration.

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12 Things to Know About **School Segregation**