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Lewis and Hareland are of the view that the need for instructional materials came with extensive development since Bellow, S. This cannot be effectively achieved except something vital that can captivate the expected interest is presented to the learners as aids.

On the other hand, teaching of social studies without instructional materials makes teaching and learning difficult. Audio-Aids: This are instructional materials that apply only to the sense of hearing e.

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This design studies both large and small population in selecting and studying samples chosen from the population to discover the relative incidence. Rather, it depends on what the teacher makes out of them through their intelligent handling of the necessary materials in the domain of teaching and learning of social studies. Fredrick, R. The problem teachers and students encounter in our educational system include inadequate teaching and learning materials. Think of your PhD as an apprenticeship. This research question was tested using items 1,2,3,4, and 5 in the questionnaire. While the non-projected materials include chalkboard, flamed graphs, magnetic boards, models, specimens and mock-tips, photographs, pictorials, pamphlets and textbooks, plays, drama, posters, charts and real objects e.

Geographically Etung is located at the central senatorial district of Cross River State. There is a saying that one does not learn much except he pays attention and show interest on the subject.

The raw scores were added together and analyzed using the sample percentage method.

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New York; Preger Publishers. According to Akkinson, the result of the use of resources is more effective than words or verbalization. This is because they are capable of conveying the intended message to the recipient as they received it, understand and apply the experience gained to real life situations.

Selected thesis topics 2014 2015

Instructional materials according to Bello are varieties of equipment and materials that have instructional values that are simultaneously used with the teachers voice to facilitate learning. The Significance of Television for Childhood Education. The researcher formulated three research questions to direct the study after a review of relevant and related literature in chapter two. Ebel, J. The questionnaire consist of part A and B, part A contained bio-data information while part B contained fifteen 15 items questionnaire which respondents were expected to respond by ticking either agreed or disagreed according to the extent of which the statement appealed to them. There are 52 secondary schools in Etung Local Government Area, out of which ten 10 secondary schools were randomly selected for the study. Therefore whether in a formal or informal situation, knowledge are easily assimilated. The Indirect Assessment of Social Attitudes. From the results of the data analysis which involved the treatment of research questions, the findings revealed thus; 1 Instructional materials have a significant effect on the academic performance of students in social studies in secondary schools. Secondary Schools:- This refers to the formal academic programmes meant for children who have completed their primary school course and are between the age of eleven to seventeen years and above. To make a thorough scientific inquiry, three research questions were formulated; 1. The researcher therefore limited her investigation to five secondary schools in the study area in Etung Local Government Area. Emphasis must be placed on the use of instructional materials in order to inculcate the spirit of learning social studies to students. It may seem that their style has nothing to do with your own field of research, but this does not matter.

Does the use of instructional materials facilitate and enhance effective teaching and learning of social studies in secondary schools?. However, curriculum planners should emphasize the use of instructional materials by teachers for a break-through in educational attainments.

This is so because it is believed that some learn better when they hear and see, while others, the sense of hearing, touch, smell, dominate them in acquiring knowledge. The instrument for data collection was a fifteen-item questionnaire and information coded therein was analyzed using the simple percentage.

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