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Sometimes the demands of workers are unlogical which cannot be granted. The fact that the movement so far has received so much positive attention gives me hope that it will prompt change — because we need drastic and immediate action.

Parents felt frustrated because they had to find alternate transportation and the city because they had to reimburse students.

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Here and there a few classes were going on. Strikes leads to losses of business and revenue for employers as when workers down their tool, everything in their places of work comes to a standstill. Image Source: cdn Some strikes are really nuisance to the society and may cause for certain lives.

You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document Why are teachers, police officers, and firefighters refusing to strike? Notice-boards were few, more of notice-boards in different parts of the college campus must be provided to avoid inconvenience to the students.

These strikes are called off only when there is an agreement between the strikers and the authorities. Since these people work for the public and the public pays for their salary, they are the decision makers on whether or not public workers receive pay increases.

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