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So, when you are invited to dinner at a Chinese home, put the chopsticks down parallel on the edge of the bowl or on the table. The Chinese names are usually household name first, then the given name.

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Given that this is something that is used to wipe away tears, a gift of this nature is perceived to actually bring them some kind of bad fortune, IE the cause for crying. Don't order pork in a Muslim restaurant guide can help identify Muslim restaurants Avoid "sensitive" questions, e.

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Updated July 17, Every culture has its own taboos, and it is important to remain aware of them when traveling or encountering another culture to ensure you don't commit a social faux-pas. These colors used to be exclusively used for the royal and noble family, so civilians are forbidden to dress in yellow, purple or champagne color. While many of these beliefs stem from legendary tales, other superstitions revolve around numbers and the language itself. According to Chinese taboo, clocks symbolize that time is running out. For men, you can give them ties, pens as gifts. Women with excessive make-up will be seen as flirtatious, and men in bright colors will also be considered superficial. Doing so is considered extremely unlucky. In some places, the age of 66 is also avoided as a taboo. So do yourself a favor, will you? Number 81 is avoided as a taboo according to the saying, "nine by nine we get a one, the good fortune on wealth has run out, and the descendants will be poor forever. It implies that you wish to hold them eternally. Taboos are a part of the culture. But the spoon is avoided to face the outer side when serving guests bowls of rice. Source: traditions. When it comes to longevity noodles, slurping is better!

There are many versions of stories about this saying. Later it turns out to use the red ink instead of chicken blood. A legendary saying goes as follows, "at the age of 66, the God of Death wants to kill you.

Doing so would mean the bride is not a virgin. But you should avoid giving things listed below as a gift.

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Eight Cultural Taboos in China