The development of prejudice and discrimination in society and its effects

stereotypes prejudice and discrimination in social psychology

Research by Rosenthal and Jacobson found that disadvantaged students whose teachers expected them to perform well had higher grades than disadvantaged students whose teachers expected them to do poorly. The resulting refugee and displaced persons camps became fertile grounds for the rise of armed rebel groups who sought to regain their lost lands.

On the other hand, as we have seen in many places in this book, perceived similarity is an extremely important determinant of liking.

This is often used to support discriminatory or unfair policies. Not only were the occurrences of disease greater, but the prospects of death from the disease were greater.

Prejudice and discrimination essay

These judgments and expectations can lead to ageism, or prejudice and discrimination toward individuals based solely on their age. The discoveries in this area of science led to a wider public discussion about their appropriate application to life. Under conflict theory, in order to hold onto their distinctive social status, power, and possessions, privileged groups are invested in seeing that no competition for resources arises from minority groups. The French riots grew out of decades of accusations of police brutality toward minorities. Fiske, S. We will consider the negative outcomes of those beliefs on the targets of our perceptions, and we will consider ways that we might be able to change those beliefs, or at least help us stop acting upon them. Genetics has to do with the study of genes the distinct traits or characteristics that are observable in a living organism and how these are inherited from generation to generation. Racism exists for many racial and ethnic groups. The evidence that the experience of discrimination affects health outcomes is therefore spotty. Both groups of men were fitted with a penile plethysmograph, an instrument that measures changes in blood flow to the penis and serves as an objective measurement of sexual arousal. One video displayed two females engaged in a sexual interaction homosexual female clip , and the final video displayed two men engaged in a sexual interaction homosexual male clip. Two-thirds of the aggressors were white. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 's CDC Office of Minority Health , among blacks trapped in impoverished neighborhoods with little access to education and jobs, the infant mortality rate in was at a rate of

A major result of refugees is the establishment of refugee camps. We have taken care to match the heights of the men and women pictured. Racism prejudice against people of color and sexual orientation prejudice a negative attitude toward persons because of the sexual preferences are two common forms of marginalization.

Through violent and property crimes committed by lower classes, not only is there a loss of productivity to the community, but other costs associated with crime include the expenses of police in crime-fighting activity.

One function of prejudice is to help us feel good about ourselves and maintain a positive self-concept. Lives are often lost on the journey to safety. The majority of reports that have looked at this issue do document an association between the experience of unequal treatment and a variety of health outcomes, including psychological distress, blood pressure, and mental health functioning Harrell et al.

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In addition, people behave differently from person to person when interacting with others, depending on whether they expect hostility from others either in attitude or in action. Research published in , for instance, found that multicultural experiences could reduce cross-cultural prejudice. Members of culturally diverse groups may be less attracted to each other than are members of more homogeneous groups, may have more difficulty communicating with each other, and in some cases may actively dislike and even engage in aggressive behavior toward each other. Does anyone try to stop them? Stressful events and experiences have been reliably linked to heath outcomes, as we discuss in the next chapter. However, there have been comparatively few attempts to explore empirically the health effects of such discrimination among blacks, whether on children, adolescents, or adults Jackson et al. Can you recall a time when you held prejudiced attitudes or beliefs or acted in a discriminatory manner because your group of friends expected you to? These crime records then hurt the criminals' future chances of being employed, which may lead again to more crime or, if they do not revert to a life of crime, they remain in poor-paying jobs with a dead-end future. This need to feel good about ourselves extends to our in-groups: We want to feel good and protect our in-groups. Ageism can also occur toward younger adults. These children are very young, but they are already aware of their gender in-group and out-group. The refugee movements led to new communities in the United States that were dominated by peoples from Cuba and Haiti.

Political stability in some areas of Africa by the early twenty-first century led to a decline in refugee numbers from seven million to less than 2.

Typically, ageism occurs against older adults, but ageism also can occur toward younger adults.

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Consequences of Prejudice