The issue of the gender difference in our society

Gender differences

Men recognize the pressure for women in parenting and attractiveness, but not in their careers. Google Scholar Bardwick, J. These findings merely reiterate a wearyingly familiar stereotype: the one in which women can't read maps or play football properly and men are somehow unable to hold a decent conversation or remember to do the washing up. Oslo: Universitatsforlaget. Deep-rooted, erroneous beliefs on the part of extension workers lead them to overlook women. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts. Psychometric description of some specific fear questionnaires. Sex linkage: a biological basis for greater male variability in intelligence. When masculine is used to describe men, it can have degrees of comparison—more masculine, most masculine. For example, the ambition, leadership and assertiveness category includes responses such as aggressiveness or bossiness. Psychological Review, 80, —

In one depressingly eloquent example of such sexism, researchers in the US found that science faculty staff judged a person's aptitude for a laboratory manager job on the basis of their gender.

Psychological Review, 74, — Google Scholar Hutt, C.

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A review of the experimental literature. Sex differences in the human infant. This is the legacy of patriarchal practices that where introduced during the process of colonization and which, unfortunately, persist today in some parts of the world involving the introduction of crops and techniques for the benefit of commercial interests, while totally ignoring environmental protection and the needs of the local people.

Google Scholar Siann, G.

Gender differences examples

Women are extremely knowledgeable about the value and use of wild and domestic varieties, and this has major implications for food, health, income and the conservation of plant genetic resources. For a leader it means awareness and the need to probe more deeply into what causes the gaps. Weyl eds. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts. This varies by age. Effects of sex hormones on cognitive style in rats and men. Google Scholar Vandenberg, S. Deep-rooted, erroneous beliefs on the part of extension workers lead them to overlook women. New York: Oxford University Press. Water is wasted, and no thought is given to recycling this resource, or even using it in a rational way. In most countries, rural women have difficulty getting credit because they are unable to put up the collateral that lending institutions require, or because of the prevailing laws.

Sex role stereotypes and clinical judgements of mental health. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 25, 35— So, given the scale of the additional distress these figures imply for women, why aren't we talking about it?

And that's without taking account of the effects of sexual abuse, a trauma that's frequently implicated in later psychological illness and one that as many as one in twenty girls are estimated to have suffered.

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Aggressive behavior in English nurseries and play groups: sex differences and response of adults. Chetwynd eds.

The issue of the gender difference in our society
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Americans see different expectations for men and women