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Prominent modernist composers also come from the region, including Charles Ives and John Adams.

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Discover New England is the official cooperative marketing organization for five states in this region. Read more about New England cruises. Rivers are fairly short and their floodplains are narrow, unlike in other areas of America, and do not allow for the creation of huge agricultural plots along their banks. Children could be raised without the corruption of old English religious ideas. Indigenous Native American groups such as the Pequot in Connecticut were involved in extensive trading with the Dutch, but the situation became tense when the English started arriving in the s. The founders of the New England colonies had an entirely different mission from the Jamestown settlers. Presidents: The region is also well known for its presidential connections and is a favorite summer vacation spot of many present and past presidents.

At first, the battles were waged between English Catholics and the followers of the new Church — the Anglicans. They wanted to be free to worship the way they wished. While many look at John Locke as the primary founder of the idea of the social contract which defined proper government as an agreement or contract between the individuals to join together into a societythe Calvinist doctrine was one of the first to espouse the idea in England.

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Real New England towns such as IpswichNewburyportRowleyand Marblehead featured often in his stories alongside fictional locations such as Dunwich, Arkham, Innsmouth and Kingsport. More recently, Stephen Kingborn in Portland, Mainehas used the small towns of his home state as the setting for much of his horror fiction, with several of his stories taking place in or near the fictional town of Castle Rock.

Religion[ edit ] Today, New England is the least religious part of the U. The rule of Queen Elizabeth brought an end to bloodshed, but the battle waged on in the hearts of the English people. People The people of New England are known for their warm hospitality, friendly manner and down-to-earth approach to life.

By the late 18th century, the British colonies of New England were among the first to demonstrate ambitions of independence from the British Crown; one of the most notable demonstrations was the Boston Tea Party of

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New England Colonies in Colonial America: History and Facts