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Is the source reliable? Are they French plus German?

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Can they be trusted? I can't finish without adding the old jest about how to tell a weasel from a stoat - 'one is weasily recognized, the other is stoatally different'. Weasels suck out the eggs of birds through a small hole, leaving the egg appearing intact, but of course now having no real value. Herbert M. Regardless, Wikipedia elucidates the obvious connection to other qualities unfairly traditionally associated with weasels: [2] Definitions of the word 'weasel' that imply deception and irresponsibility include these: the noun form, referring to a sneaky, untrustworthy, or insincere person; the verb form, meaning to manipulate shiftily; and the phrase "to weasel out", meaning "to squeeze one's way out of something" or "to evade responsibility". Upon what authority? Capital Books, Continue Reading. Weasel words give you a way out, should anyone criticize you or make any counter-claim. The word itself is deceptive; it doesn't look the way it sounds. Christian theologians. We went out to dinner together and both received texts from our husbands at the same time saying that the royal baby was born. In non sequitur fashion, it does not follow that the endorsement provides any guarantee of quality or suitability. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks.

And if such proportions of theologians who can be expected to be biased in favor of Christianity held such opinions, the apologist's case would actually be even weaker.

In Septemberthe New York Times published a piece in which Roosevelt refuted the notion that he had stolen the phrase from Chaplin and claimed to have coined it independently in Colonel Roosevelt, on his way here this morning from Portland, Me.

Use weasel words assertively and their weakness will often all but disappear it's not what you say but how you say it. Herbert M.

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What's the origin of the phrase 'Weasel words'? The tiny mammals are certainly ferocious and, pound for pound, amongst the most dangerous predators on the planet, being easily able to kill an entire coopful of chickens that are hundreds of times their weight. It can be used in combination with the reverse approach of discrediting a contrary viewpoint by glossing it as "claimed" or "alleged". See "Popular wisdom" above, and "It is known that" below "It is known that For example: "It stands to reason that most people will be better off after the changes. An example is the endorsement of products by celebrities, regardless of whether they have any expertise relating to the product. Then faux education assures that doctors everywhere hear about it, so they can write millions of prescriptions based on the faux information.

Non sequitur, where illogical or irrelevant statements can be used, such as in advertising, can make it appear that the statement describes a beneficial feature of a product or service being advertised.

Thus we're exposed to ads for products that 'help keep us young,' 'help prevent cavities,' 'help keep our houses germ-free.

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Euphemism may be used to soften and potentially mislead the audience. However, especially if the "scholars" referred to are theologians, "believe" could actually mean religious belief which is the topic under question and thus citing the religious beliefs of others will get an apologist nowhere "I believe God exists and this is reasonable because these theologians also believe in God". Where he got that idea from is unclear - there's certainly no evidence to support it. But how many? Is the source reliable? For example, stating that a product " This is the origin of the term Colonel [Theodore] Roosevelt has made famous. Wadsworth, Cengage, Faux Words "I love the word 'faux. Are they French plus German? It's essentially an outcropping of the Jesus weasel word, but also includes the possibility of quite different interpretations of when this Jesus walked around or what kind of existence we're talking about a rather "liberal interpretation" could even claim that an entirely mythical Jesus definitely "existed" as a fictional story told in the New Testament. How does it demonstrate this? At what university? John, "it contains plenty of what I call weasel words.

It has long been a widespread belief that weasels suck the yolks from bird's eggs, leaving only the empty shell. When we passed Dave Sewall said: "That there man can do a lot of funny things with this language of ours.

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To achieve conciseness and clarity, however, most scientific journals encourage authors to use the active voice where appropriate, identifying themselves as "we" or even "I". This is the origin of the term Colonel [Theodore] Roosevelt has made famous.

A study of Wikipedia found that most weasel words in it could be divided into three main categories: [13] Numerically vague expressions for example, "some people", "experts", "many", "evidence suggests" Use of the passive voice to avoid specifying an authority for example, "it is said" Adverbs that weaken for example, "often", "probably" Other forms of weasel words may include these: Use of vague or ambiguous euphemisms Use of grammatical devices such as qualifiers and the subjunctive mood Glittering or vague generalizations Vague terms such as "experts believe" and "most people think" are designed to give more weight to a statement or argument.

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