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If the landlord wants a tenant to vacate their rental property during the fixed term, then the tenant can only be evicted if a breach of contract has been proved. The papers also tell you which type of possession proceedings your landlord is using. These cases forbid the notice to be used in the first 4 months of the tenancy.

Find out more on when they should be used and how they are served. Your tenancy agreement will probably say how your landlord can get the notice to you, for example by leaving it at the property you rent or by posting it.

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Claiming Possession under Section 21 Say you are a landlord and you have navigated you way through the regulatory minefield and have managed to serve a valid section 21 notice on your tenants.

Reason 5 The section 21 notice has expired because your landlord gave it to you more than 6 months ago. Even if the property you rent is smaller and rented to fewer people, your landlord may still need a licence depending on the particular rules made by your local council - check with your council.

Are they serious enough to mean that you may be able to challenge the notice if your landlord applies for a possession order?

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Which Section 21 notice do I need Section 21 for Wales Section 21 for England Section 21 notice frequently asked questions How to calculate Section 21 notice dates Retaliatory eviction and section 21 notices This applies to properties in England only. Back to top Section 21 for Periodic tenancies Periodic tenancies run on the basis of payment periods. Here are the specific details of the tenancy: Fixed term start date: 23rd June, Length of tenancy: 12 months Date I served notice: 25th October, Date of expiry of the notice: 22nd January, Note: the actual notice is longer, but there are no more gaps to fill. Even if some tenants have moved out, they should still be named on the notice if they were named on the most recent tenancy agreement. In either case, since the coming into force of the Act, the notice must be in writing. The end date must fall just before the next rental period is due. Each of our forms comes with easy-to-follow instructions to seamlessly guide you from start to finish.

The notice will be treated as arriving on May 2nd even if it arrives later than that. This is valid when the tenancy is renewed for either a new fixed term or a new periodic tenancy.

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You can appeal against the decision of the possession order, but only if you can prove that mistakes were made in the possession hearing. Confirm what you are told or agree with your landlord or their agent in writing — by email or letter and keep a copy. Under section 21 of the Housing Act as amended by the Housing Act , a landlord has a legal right to get his property back at the end of an assured shorthold tenancy. However, I'm baffled by the following sentence: "Sometimes landlords send a section 21 notice to protect themselves - so they can get you out if they want to — and they may not want to yet. The Housing Act amended the section 21 of the Act by requiring this notice to be given in writing. Court papers After your landlord applies to the court, the court sends you papers, including a defence form. Under no circumstances can the landlord forcefully evict you from the property.
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